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FAQ for Merel's Virtual Scrapbook

Q: What can we do to help?

A: This question gets asked a lot, as you might imagine. For those of you who feel they're not getting a straight answer, fear not, we have a solution. If you really wish to help, come spend some time with the girls! You can come for a visit, babysit or take them somewhere, we've been told that they are well behaved as long as they're not with their parents. They like simple pleasures such as going to the library, taking a ride on the subway, visiting the dinosaur museum, or make up your own outing! Of course it is all somewhat depending on how Merel feels since she's not always able to walk very far, and there's always the chance that she'll get sick, but she'll usually know up front whether she wants to go somewhere or not. They will be home from Dec 24 through January 3rd, so plenty of oppourtunity!

Q: Does your health insurance cover all these treatments?

A: We are lucky enough to have a plan that covers nearly 100% of all the treatments. We only pay $10 per doctor's visit. We visit lots of doctors, but basically you only pay the $10 when you have a new condition, referrals are usually free. We also pay $20 per prescription (if a generic drug is available, $10). The Zofran anti-nausea would cost $300 per bottle without insurance. I've kept copies of all the paperwork. Anyone familiar with health care in the US will understand that these bills tend to be quite inscrutable, but by my rough estimate we've probably racked up about $25k so far (as of September 1999).